Ken Howell


Ken Howell is an experienced executive with expertise in professional services, healthcare, insurance,  government, telecom and agriculture.

Ken Howell, IT Consultant, with His Arms Crossed

Professional Overview

Ken Howell has 13+ years in an executive capacity, 20+ years in a leadership capacity, 23+ years of consulting experience and 28+ years in IT. He has experience in multiple industries such as professional services, healthcare, insurance,  government, telecom and agriculture. He brings a deep history in the delivery of projects from strategy creation to implementation through to the organizational change management activities required for successful long-term customer acceptance. He currently is the Chief Operating Officer for Paradigm Consulting Group. with offices in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Personal profile

  •  A humble and trusted leader known for getting shit done.
  • Strong ability for operationalizing change to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Responsible for the Operations of a multi-provincial professional services company.
  • Over 28 years of experience in the delivery of projects from strategy to implementation through to the organizational change management activities required or successful long-term customer acceptance.
  • Strong delegation abilities to leverage staff in multiple departments to drive continual system and process corporate improvement.
  • Experienced in the delivery of planning and delivery of strategic planning exercises and the subsequent execution of those strategies.
  • Continual learner having achieved numerous certifications and designations.

Career Highlights

Leadership & Management

  • Member of Corporate Senior Management Team with onsite responsibilities in Winnipeg and Regina and PNL responsibilities for Winnipeg.
  • Key leader for the creation of corporate revenue budgets with supporting evidence via both capacity and demand-based forecasting tools.
  • Act as a champion and leader in employer’s culture through interactions with staff and customers at all levels; management, delivery and support staff.
  • Responsible for the corporate internal IT support team. Currently managing a migration to cloud based technologies.
  • Co-lead of employer’s COVID-19 response; from staff protection, customer service delivery continuance to federal financial assistance monitoring.
  • Led the implementation of corporate internet presence, multiple social media channels and leveraging corporate intellectual property.
  • Redeveloped proposal response process to develop an approach to respond effectively and efficiently resulting in an increase in success rate and revenue.
  • Broad community engagement via an appointment to the Tech Manitoba Board of Directors, 10+ years in CMC-Manitoba and CMC-Canada.


  • Responsible for Long Range Planning and Business Planning:
    • Significant participation in the annual business planning process in Winnipeg since 2003, co-lead corporately since 2008 assuming full responsibility in 2019.
    • Managed the creation of multiple Long-Range Plans.
    • Implemented management tools and processes to monitor and track performance against plan.
  • Participant in corporate acquisition activities in 2014 and 2019
  • Member of Executive Management team (CEO, CFO, COO) to ensure key strategic activities and decisions are executed as planned.


Responsible for all talent acquisition in both provinces.

  • Led the redevelopment of leadership roles and responsibilities including the creation of key performance indicators.
    • Implemented the redesign of the recruitment program via the introduction of new recruiting avenues and management tools resulting in an increase in resource procurement and reduction in recruitment fees.
  • Lead the annual corporate performance appraisal cycle with a key focus on annual improvements and upgrades.
  • Executive Sponsor of:
    • MB and SK Leadership Teams focusing on the delivery of all services and support.
    • Best Practice Team focusing on continuing skills and knowledge development.
    • Technology Management Services focusing on delivering internal IT services.

Personal Overview

Originally raised in Regina, Ken Howell is the lucky husband of Barbara Hientzsch and the proud father of two children. Following the completion of his education at the University of Regina, he met his wife Barbara, while working at Crown Life Insurance. He is fortunate to be the father of two children (or so they keep telling him); Christopher and Alexa. Both are university students, one in education, the other in pre-law, and are studying hard (or so they keep telling him). He is a passionate sports fan with a deep love of the CFL demonstrated by attending 21 (COVID-free) Grey Cups. Since moving to Winnipeg, he has coached multiple kids sport teams from basketball, soccer and volleyball and developed a passion for wood working.

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