Would you like fries with that?

What has happened to customer service today?

  • In the old days: “Hi, what can I get for you today?” & “Thank you, please come again!”
  • Now: A blank stare as the counter person puts down their phone and seems annoyed you interrupted their Tweeting.

Today’s transactions at stores vary so much from a few years ago. ”Back in my day”, we were polite and courteous to our customers. Now it appears that buying something at a store is bothering the staff working. “I’m sorry, did I interrupt your text?”

I worked at McDonalds as a teenager. The training we received was, retrospectively, well thought out and could be applied at all my future jobs. We were trained to greet the customer, look them in the eye and ask them how we could help them. We took their order and asked “would you like fries with that?”. When we were finished their order, we presented their bag of food in a certain manner and said “thank you, please come again!” We even had contests for how fast we could serve our customers!

The customer experience today is so very different. The cashier typically looks at me and grunts “uh-huh” after *I* say thank you! What has happened to customer service today?

I recently spent time out of the country and was amazed at the different level of customer service. I felt special when the person who was serving me and genuinely cared if I was happy with their product or service.

What has happened to customer service today?

Many of us don’t believe we work in retail or service oriented industries, but really, don’t we all? We all work. We all create a product or create a service that someone else uses.

A nurse sets your cast. A claims processor processes your dental claim. An IT person implements a new system for farmers to maximize their yield. A financial advisor provides advice to their customers for their retirement. A network technician maintains a telephone network. An entrepreneur creates a new virtual reality educational training product. A mother makes lunch for her children.

We all have customers for what we do. You take something from someone, add value to it and provide it to the next person or customer.

Have you thanked your customers lately? Have you said “thank you for the business”?

It doesn’t have to mean that you take them to a hockey game. It doesn’t mean you take them golfing or to lunch. Although it could! Sometimes just a simple hand shake, a smile and an honest “thanks for the business” can mean a lot.

In this day and age of to do lists and multi-tasking, take the time to go back to what customer service really means. Remember what your mother taught you, say thank you to show your appreciation.


By the way…

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